Solution Centric Case Studies

Upside looks at innovative solutions for our global economic, environmental, and human rights issues and how these strategies can be used and replicated elsewhere. With the current explosion of shared information and technology worldwide, our problem solving potential is infinite. But we have to reframe our mental models and move away from just talking about our current destructive political and economic institutions to actually implement practical, collaborative solutions. The Upside is a thought leader in socio-political cohesion, environmental regeneration and technological advancement focusing on current solutions and what we can do to tip the balance to the upside. Taking the headlines from no hope to DOPE!  

Some of Upside Reports Topics:


Climate change

  • Renewable energies & Fossil Fuels 
  • Efficient bio-designed technologies, bio-mimicry
  • Industrial agriculture, permaculture 
  • Oceans, biodiversity, & CO2 absorption`

Human Rights & Institutionalized Racism

  • US Criminal justice system, racism, war on drugs
  • Standing Rock, NoDAPL Keystone Pipeline, Indigenous rights
  • LGBTQ & women’s rights

Divine feminine & masculine, Feminism and balance

  • Evolving beyond of Toxic Masculinity
  • Solutions generated by deconstructing patriarchy
  • Modern implications